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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Ah ha! So the semester is almost over, and what do I have to show? More progress work!! ( I know, I know...less than a week left before finals and i'm STILL trying to make more work???? laura obviously = crazy) Here is more preview stuff of another one of my characters! Look for more stuff AFTER my finals... FINISHED work!! (yay!)

A pic of my character Pimienta hiding from the Mafia.

And Pim in all her glory as a doll!! ee!

I know what you're thinking... a DOLL?? But I have decided that my level of obsession with BJD's has gotten to the point where its distracting my artwork steam... so I should use them for inspiration instead of just admiration!! There's another doll of the other girl (the girl in the last post) but I have'nt gotten around to photographing them for finals...which i plan to do... just gotta finish making the props and stuff!! eeeeep! Thrift store shopping!

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